The basics of business writing are actually quite straightforward, and can be taught in a focused 3-hour workshop.

Download these free reports (no email needed) to get an idea. They've got some powerful before/after examples that will show you how to win new business, pitch a proposal or write better emails.


We'll teach your people to write better

They'll learn the basics in 3 hours


We teach the essentials of business writing in a morning or afternoon workshop:


  • 3 hours at your company premises

  • customised to your writing needs 

  • before/after reviews of client writing samples

It's all about understanding your team's writing challenges. So, we insist on a detailed preparation call first, or a face-to-face meeting if you're in the Geneva/Lausanne area.


We do short, 30-minute talks that are both informative and entertaining. They are ideal for departmental meetings, strategy sessions and “lunch and learn” seminars.

  • half an hour at your company premises

  • minimum audience size: 10

  • free for companies in Europe


Lynda Mansson,

Director General

Well structured, entertaining and tailored to our needs. The tips and techniques we learnt were very useful. Michael is clearly an expert in his field, with a passion for effective business writing.

Jérôme Pellet,


Michael présente plusieurs mauvais exemples de rédaction dans lesquels nous nous reconnaissons tous avec gêne. Il nous offre ensuite une boite à outils pour y rémédier et communiquer avec plus d’impact.

Ekaterina Filippova,

Online Visibility Expert

Michael’s signature talk, "What the press can teach us about business writing” was very informative and entertaining. A timely reminder to all participants of the importance of simplicity in business writing. 


Michael Gentle is the founder of The First Three Lines, a Geneva-based consultancy that teaches business writing essentials in focused 3-hr workshops.


He has worked in IT, project management, sales and marketing in global companies such as Apple, WorldCom, The Bank of Tokyo and Nestlé. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively was essential in allowing him to sell his ideas, products and services in highly competitive environments.


He is the author of a number of best-selling books, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to IT Financials, and has written numerous articles in the press, in both English and French.



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